Pregnant Woman Is Due In 10 Days, Now Keep Your Eye Underneath The Lawn Chair…

Any woman who has ever been pregnant will tell you that the final few weeks can be miserable. By that time the belly is so large that it can be almost impossible to be comfortable in any position. One woman recently came up with a rather ingenious idea in her attempt to find a little relief and comfort.

Kristen was just 10 days away from her delivery date when she called her husband outside. When Cory arrived in the backyard, he found his pregnant wife stretched out on a lawn chair flat on her stomach. In her search for comfort, Kristen had created her own “pregnancy” lawn chair complete with a baby bump sized hole in the middle.

Cory initially laughed, but he soon realized that his wife may have stumbled upon the next great invention. The hole relieves pressure on the baby while allowing Mom to relax.

Cory was quick to grab the video camera to document his wife’s invention and put it on YouTube where it has already garnered more than 150,000 views. In fact, this could be Cory’s second viral video. He uploaded “The Mean Kitty Song” in 2007, which reached nearly 100 million views.

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