Pregnant Mom Gives Birth To Her Baby, Just Keep Your Eyes On The Right Side…AWESOME!

On, December 23, 2014, an elephant returned to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya to give birth to her second calf. When she was younger, the elephant, Emily, was orphaned and raised at the Wildlife Trust but she was released into the wild to enjoy her adult life. Her return to the grounds shocked the keepers but her giving birth there was even more surprising.

Emily’s return to give birth to her second calf, which the Wildlife Trust named Emma, allowed the keepers to see an elephant birth which is something rarely ever seen by humans. It’s a very intimate moment that elephants almost never let people see. The keepers believe that Emily came back to the property because the people at the trust helped keep her safe from predators growing up, and they would do the same for her and her baby.

The humans weren’t the only ones happy to see the new baby elephant, though. Many of the ex orphaned elephants came up to greet the newborn. They circled around her, helped her to her feet, and openly welcomed Emma into the ex orphan heard.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust filmed the birth and the aftermath, added inspirational music, and posted the video to Facebook to the world could see as well.

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