Postal Worker Notices Boy On Route Is Gone. Then She Shows Up To His House With Some Help!

Every time the postal worker visits the Watkins’ home, she greets the couple’s son, Matt. The couple nicknamed their son “Matt The Mailman”. Matt wants to be a postal worker when he grows up. One day, the postal worker noticed that Matt had been gone for several months. She knew that something was wrong, so she decided to investigate.

The postal worker found out that Matt had Leukemia and had spent several months in the hospital. She decided to surprise him when he came home from the hospital. She arranged for 20 postal vehicles to be waiting for Matt when he came home from the hospital. Matt wore a mailman uniform the entire time he was at the hospital. He was happy to receive the support from the community.

The postal service community gave Matt several gifts. They even gave him a sash and uniform. Many people would consider this to be a small gesture. However, it was a big deal to the Watkins. They were grateful that the community was there to help them during a very difficult time.

They were also grateful that the community made a difference in the life of their son. This shows that the real superheroes are not the ones on television. The real superheroes are the ones who go the extra mile to make life better for other people.

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