Pop Old Bread In A Slow Cooker Before Bed And Wake Up To A Scrumptious Breakfast

If you’re like many people, you often have unused bread that just gets old and eventually thrown out. What’s the use of old bread anyway? Luckily, we have an answer for you that will allow you to use that old bread in a really interesting way. In addition to letting you use up your older bread stores, you’ll also be delighted to hear that this French toast recipe is great for breakfasts and uses the slow cooker. What that means is you’ll be able to start doing it at night and wake up the next morning to a nice hot breakfast with only minimal prepare necessary.

It’s very easy to do and great for anyone who feels like they don’t have much time in the morning. All you’ll need is a little prep time at night and the slow cooker will do the rest to have everything ready for you when you wake up the next morning.

Step 1: Get The Bread

You’ll want to start off with bread. This recipe works with either a lot of old bread or even just a few small slices. If you like the recipe that much, you can even use fresh bread if you find you don’t have any old pieces anywhere. Simply throw them into the slow cooker either as whole pieces of bread or as bite sized little chunks. Either way works just fine.

Step 2: Mix It Up

The next step will be to prepare the French toast mixture to pour over the bread. You’re welcome to get as creative as you like and mess with the ratios to your taste. Use a base of blended eggs and milk and mix in some vanilla extract and cinnamon. A popular way to spice this up is by using orange liqueur instead of vanilla extract but you can really do just about anything.

Step 3: Assemble

Ensure that your mixture is blended together very evenly. Afterwards, you’ll want to apply it and cover the bread you have in the slow cooker. Make sure that each slice of bread is evenly coated. If you have a lot of bread in your slow cooker, you may want to take the bread out to pre-dip it in the mixture before putting it back in. After all the bread is coated, apply brown sugar liberally over the whole pot.

Step 4: Cook

Once you’ve coated the bread and added the brown sugar, you’ll want to set your slow cooker to cook for a few hours over night.

Step 5: Enjoy

You’ll wake up to a heavenly smell of brown sugar and cinnamon ready to eat. It’ll be ready for everyone as soon as it’s taken out of the slow cooker. Scoop up a bit in a bowl and add things such as fresh fruit, whipped cream, or maple syrup. You can add just about whatever you want, as French bread is great with just about anything.

Overall, this is a fantastic recipe to have on hand for an easy way to make sure a giant filling breakfast is ready the next day when you know that there won’t be much time to prepare one in the morning. Make sure you aren’t afraid to customize the recipe however you want in order to tailor it to your own specific tastes.

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