Police Fire Dozens Of Rounds At Car Loaded With Black Teens

A video showing a Chicago police officer firing into a car of unarmed black teens has gone viral after being released by a judge.

The officer involved, Marco Proano, had been on the force four years at the time of the December 2013 incident yet had already amassed nine complaints. The video shows him approaching the car with his gun already drawn. With seemingly no provocation, he pointed it at the black teens, who then attempted to flee. At that point, he fired more than a dozen rounds through the window and windshield, wounding two of the unarmed teens.

After the shooting, the Chicago Police Department moved the officer to desk duty and the victims filed a civil suit, which was settled for $360,000. The city of Chicago attempted to hide the video by filing for and receiving a protective order. The order did not apply to Cook County Judge Larry Berman, who sent a copy of the video to The Chicago Reporter. He felt it was necessary for the public to view the incident so that the officer would be held accountable for his actions and prevented from returning to the street.

The Department of Justice and the FBI are reportedly still investigating the shooting.

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