Police Are Spinning What Happened in the United Airlines Passenger Dragging Video

United Airlines has recently been under a lot of scrutiny again after staff overbooked a flight and then forcibly removed a passenger from it. Although many have publicly expressed their outrage towards the airline, others feel that the Chicago police should also receive some flack over the incident.

The airline reportedly tried to get volunteers to change their flight in order to make room for employees who had to be on board; however, nobody was willing to do so. They decided to remove one couple and get them to book another flight. The man, who was a doctor, said that he couldn’t change his flight because he had to be at work the next day.

According to a statement given by a United Airline’s spokesperson, the staff on board the plane notified Chicago police after the passengers refused to get off. Three police officers arrived on the scene, one in regular clothing and two wearing a uniform, and proceeded to pull the passenger from his seat. The man, whose mouth was bleeding after the struggle was dragged off of the plane by one of the officers.

The Chicago Police Department gave a statement on Tuesday, saying that their officers tried carrying the man off the plane but he fell.

They also stated that the man’s head hit the armrest, which caused minor injuries to his face. He was transported to Luteran General Hospital as a precaution and his injuries were deemed non-life threatening. The police department directed people’s attention to the aviation police department for additional information about the incident. Officials did not state whether the manner in which the passenger was handled was a violation of the department’s policy or if the officers who were called to the scene will be disciplined for their actions.

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