Police Are Consider Charging Donald Trump with Inciting Violence at North Carolina Rally

Police Are Consider Charging Donald Trump with Inciting Violence at North Carolina Rally

Presidential candidate Donald Trump may soon learn that the buck stops with him when it comes to facing consequences for the highly charged rhetoric he uses in his campaign speeches. The fallout for Trump continues from the recent rally held in Fayetteville, North Carolina at which a white Trump supporter named John Franklin McGraw was captured on camera punching out a black protestor who was being escorted out of the rally venue for causing a disturbance.

Now comes word that the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is launching a full-scale investigation of the incident at the Fayetteville rally and investigators reveal that they may consider charging Mr. Trump with “inciting a riot.” According to Ronnie Mitchell, an attorney in the office of the Sheriff of Cumberland County, investigators are looking to see if additional charges are warranted against John McGraw, and if any conduct on Mr. Trump’s part or the messages delivered by his campaign, can be directly connected with inciting the riot that occurred at the rally held for Trump supporters in Fayetteville.

McGraw’s actions were allegedly inspired by Trump himself when he challenged the audience to give the protestors interrupting the rally the “rough treatment” Trump said they deserved. Although protestors were being led by security out of the rally, Trump questioned, “Can’t we have a little more action than this?”

There is no word on when a decision on charges against Donald Trump may be announced. But the Trump campaign has already increased the size of its security force to help protect Trump supporters attending his rallies from harm from any protesting group and some of the candidate’s supporters have formed an informal militia to help provide protection “forcefully” if necessary at future gatherings.

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