Pit Bull Pup Couldn’t Even Believe His Rescuer Came Back To Adopt Him!

Mojo was in bad shape when Joey Wagner found him. At just three months old the pit bull Amstaff mix’s life was already hanging by a thread. Mojo was brought to Wagner’s shelter, the Baie Ste Marie Animal Society in Nova Scotia, in 2013 with such a severe case of demodectic mange that all of his hair had fallen out, he was covered in sores, and he was not eating. Wagner knew that Mojo needed more help than he could give him so he brought him to the Atlantic Vet College to be treated.

Thanks to extensive care from the vets at the Atlantic Vet College, Mojo was able to gradually get better. Many requests came in from people to adopt the pooch, but unfortunately he was unable to find a home because his condition prevents him from an ordinary adoption. Luckily Wagner was able to step in and adopt Mojo.

When Wagner went back to visit Mojo in the hospital, it was clear that Mojo had not forgotten the man who saved his life. He jumped right into Wagner’s arms and covered his face in kisses.

Now, almost two years after being adopted, Mojo is a permanent part of Wagner’s family. He is fully healed, although his fur has not grown back in most spots. However, he is in good spirits and well-loved in his adopted home.

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