Parents Hold Hands Over Dinner And Say Prayer – But They Didn’t Expect Their Baby To Chime In

Dinner is often a family meal where mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters can unwind over some good food and enjoy each other’s presence. In almost every home it is customary to offer some sort of thanks before mealtime – whether through prayer or just a big “THANKS MOM!”, people usually express gratitude before they dive in to their last meal of the day.

Babies, of course, do not know how to give thanks or prayer. Usually. This video captures a baby who is anxiously awaiting dinner time and appears to try and say a prayer right along with her parents. When they grab the baby’s hand, she closes her eyes along with them and her head. At the end of the prayer, she even blurts some gibberish that almost sounds like an “Amen.”

It is too cute. The 16 second video of the baby praying has been posted on YouTube. It has been viewed over 115,000 times. The video has also been shared over 10,000 times on Facebook. People like a baby preying, I guess.

Many people on social media have commented that the video made their day or on how amazing it was the baby knew how to participate in the nightly dinner grace. It is obvious that the baby has been paying close attention to her parents for quite some time now, and baby see, baby do as they say. Check out the video!

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