Parents Break Down Into Thankful Tears When Child ‘Graduates’ From NICU

Parents Break Down Into Thankful Tears When Child ‘Graduates’ From NICU

These days, there are so many stories of violence, sadness and evil in the world, that when a truly uplifting event takes place, people notice. Good stories about good people should be spread around, so that we can see that humanity still exists on every corner of the globe.

Take for example, Arkell Graves and Dana Griffin-Graves, who had struggled for years to try and conceive. After 17 years of trying for a baby and enduring 4 miscarriages and one stillbirth, the couple had just about given up on their dream to have a little one of their own. They adopted a little boy named Keelyn and were blessed and happy as a family of three.

Then, one day it happened; Dana was indeed pregnant! She recorded a unique birth announcement for her husband, who openly wept with tears of joy. She had placed a package of buns in the oven with images from her first ultrasound visit. Her husband was getting dinner ready, when she told him to open the oven, because there was “other stuff in there, too.” When he saw the buns in the oven, he knew it was wonderful news, and tears began flowing. She told him they were having a boy and that she was already five months along.

It was a heartwarming moment captured on video and one that also quickly went viral, winning compassion and support from people around the world.

The couple felt so blessed to be adding to their little family, even though the odds of bringing the baby to full term were stacked against them. However, the thankful Graves family kept their faith in God and forged ahead.

The birth announcement is a must-see, and it never gets old. Check it out here at It shows a very private moment that many of us can respect and appreciate.

Based on the viral video, the Graves’ nicknamed their bun in the oven “Baby Bun” and were so excited about his arrival, four months down the line.

However, “Baby Bun” had other plans and made his presence known earlier than the doctor expected. Baby Kaleb Arkell Graves was born October 20, 2015. He was adorable and tiny, only weighing 13 ounces, but there were a few challenges he would have to overcome, including lung problems and surgery to repair a hole in his little heart.

Baby Kaleb inherited his parents’ fighting spirit and hung in there and was finally released from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU, about one year from the day he was born. He left the NICU wearing the cutest, blue graduation gown and cap and smiling from ear to ear.

More great news is Kaleb’s present weight. This tough little fighter tips the scales at 13 lbs. That’s quite a remarkable difference from his 13 ounce birth weight.

The Graves’ are now a happy family of four, and big brother Keelyn is excited to have a sibling.

Baby Kaleb is such a happy, precious baby, and we all wish him many more milestones to mark, as he continues to grow and prosper.

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