One Rich Boy And One Poor Meet In A Park, Bit Watch Their Shoes and Wait For The Twist

A videographer in Australia created a short movie about the perceptions of what people think about being poor or being rich. The film is called “My Shoes.” The video only lasts for about four minutes, but it gives a look into the lives of two boys who were raised in different types of homes. One grew up in a home where money wasn’t an object while the other struggled to get the basic needs.

The boy who grew up poor has clothes that are torn. He is dirty, and the shoes that he has don’t protect his feet as there are holes in them. The young boy meets the one who is rich. He sees the shoes and clothes that he owns. The poor child is offered something that he might not think he would get in life. He is given the chance to change places with the boy.

The boys change places. However, things aren’t like they seem to be once the boys begin talking with each other. In the video, there are children laughing at the poor boy. He gets off the bench he is sitting on and stands on a bridge to overlook the stream below. The rich boy is sitting on a bench, smiling as he relaxes in the warmth of the sun. The two finally meet.

The poor boy sits against a tree and removes his shoes. He begins to talk with his shoes on each hand, wishing that he was like the rich boy. Soon, he sees what it’s like to be rich. He has clothes and shoes. Then, he sees a woman in a wheelchair. The rich boy was happy that he could simply run and play while the poor boy was happy about the shoes and clothes, but he didn’t know the reason as to why the rich boy wasn’t happy until he was in his shoes.

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