Old Horse Is Brought To A Sanctuary. Then They Discover The Horrible Truth About His Body…

Old Horse Is Brought To A Sanctuary. Then They Discover The Horrible Truth About His Body…

Horses are known for their endurance, strength and vitality. These are majestic creatures, whether they are used for sport, recreation or put to work. Yet, when they age or health problems become too much to handle, owners often push them aside leaving them to suffer. At the end of their life, after years of loyal service, these animals should be pampered and cared for. For two horses left to die, they finally found their happily ever after.

Arthur and Max came to live together after years of abuse with their individual owners. For 30 years Arthur was a working horse, performing hard labor for a New England farm. When he began to slow down, he became less vital to the community, therefore not treated as well as he once was.

The weaker Arthur became, the less he was valued. His owners tried several times to sell him off at auction but did not get any takers. This is where Arthur met Max. They were both up against the same fate. Older and being pushed aside for younger, more agile stock. When they were paid attention to, it was only to mistreat them. Arthur and Max were starved to make them more appealing for a high-kill auction that would sell them for their meat.

It was during these worst moments when things began to look up for them. Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary founder, Cindy Daigre came to their rescue. It was not just a coincidence that Cindy came for Arthur and Max. She had witnessed their abuse firsthand through online videos. But, soon the horses were on their way to her sanctuary in Tennessee.

It would take Arthur several days to be comfortable enough to eat and drink anything. He was so frail he could barely stand up and move around.

Max was worse off. His health issues were more severe, including back problems and abuse scars. He was fearful and antisocial, not knowing if he could trust his new handlers.

It would take two years before Arthur and Max would turn into the happy, healthy horses they are today. They now show their appreciation to the staff by allowing them to be pampered and groomed.

Arthur and Max remain great friends and are content to live out their remaining days spending time together. While the abuse they suffered left physical and emotional scars, they both seem to understand they are now in a safe place with people that will give them the love and care they should have received all along.

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