Off-Duty Police Officer Was 2 Miles From Shore When He Spots Something Strange In The Water…

Two cops in Jacksonville, Florida, set out to sea one day, looking forward to some relaxing off-time on the water. However, they found themselves in a position to perform a rescue mission while off-duty, and these officers went above and beyond.

What Brad Smith and Lt. Steve Mullen discovered was a sea turtle that had become completely tangled up in a crab trap. The poor creature was terrified as it dragged the heavy weight through the water while attempting to free itself from the ropes attached to it. The turtle, which was about eight feet long, was two miles away from shore and was worn out from trying to get free of its bindings.

A video captures the moment when Mullen carefully used a knife to cut the buoy and ropes loose from the turtle. He was able to do this from the boat, reaching over the side to where the turtle was trying to swim. The turtle almost seemed to understand what was happening, patiently allowing the officer to cut it loose, though it grew more agitated as Mullen drew closer to success.

One the turtle was free, it quickly swam away, seemingly none the worse for its ordeal. Meanwhile, the officers posted the video online and became heroes to animal lovers everywhere.

These men demonstrated how just a few minutes of effort can reap powerful rewards for someone in need. Their video serves as an inspiration to perform acts of kindness to those in distress, whether the victims are human or not.

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