Obama Shows Trump How A Real President Uses Twitter – Uses Hope Instead of Fear

Obama Shows Trump How A Real President Uses Twitter – Uses Hope Instead of Fear

President-elect Donald Trump has 18 million Twitter followers. However, every time the former New York real estate mogul turns to Twitter, the entire world seems to hang on his every word.

On New Year’s Eve, Trump took to his favorite social media outlet and wished America a “Happy New Year.” In true Trump fashion, however, his good tidings and well wishes were cloaked in narcissism and egomania. “Happy New Year to all,” the tweet began harmlessly, “including to my many enemies and those who have fought me and lost so badly they didn’t know what to do.” Of course, Trump being Trump, he didn’t end there. He got in one final dig by signing off with the word “Love.” Sadly, the only love in Trump’s New Year’s Eve tweet is the love he has for himself.

Donald Trump’s New Year’s tweet stands in stark contrast to President Obama’s. President Obama took to Twitter, too, tweeting out messages of hope and reminding Americans of all the positive things that were accomplished in the past 8 years. Obama tweeted about the remarkable progress that’s been made under his leadership, from facing down the worst financial crisis in 80 years to marriage equality to trading foreign oil for clean energy.

The contrast between Donald’s Trump’s tweets and President Obama’s couldn’t be starker. Trump tweets like a loud, bullying contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice,” while President Obama tweets with a measured, inspiring and presidential tone. In fact, it’s safe to say that President Obama trumped Trump on his favorite social media platform.

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