Obama Responds To Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Healthcare Speech

Obama Responds To Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Healthcare Speech

Last Monday, the comedian, producer and writer Jimmy Kimmel delivered a very compelling monologue that advocated for a more compassionate healthcare system.

It all started last Monday. The comedian Kimmel opened his late-night show, like always, with determination and passion. Kimmel began by first announcing the birth of his second son William John Kimmel, also now known as “Billy.” But Kimmel was quickly overwhelmed by his emotions. He could not control his feelings. He was happy because of the birth of his son. On the other hand, Kimmel was remembering his baby’s near-death experience.

Jimmy was born with a pre-existing condition. He was detected with a life-threatening heart condition a few hours after his birth. The issue was detected thanks to a dedicated nurse. The baby was born at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, which is located in Los Angeles. After Kimmel was finished with his moving speech, he showed before-and-after photos of Billy.

During the monologue, Kimmel advocated for the Affordable Care Act. According to the comedian, health care is a right. All Americans should have access to medical services; people should get the help that Jimmy received. Kimmel, with tears in his eyes, continued by asking genuine questions. He questioned whether money should determine an individual’s access to healthcare. He then proceeded by calling out partisan politics. In resolution, most Americans want a compassionate healthcare system.

Kimmel’s monologue moved the media. And it also got the attention of Obama. Obama congratulated Kimmel through a tweet. The former president also talked about the importance of Obamacare. Hillary Clinton also reacted to Kimmel’s speech. According to Clinton, Obamacare is currently at stake. It might get replaced. Kimmel’s ideals seem to concur with President Donald Trump’s views on pre-existing conditions. President Trump, supposedly, wants to repeal Obamacare. But he wants to protect people with pre-existing conditions. Will President Trump keep his promises? Some critics disagree due to the current version of the bill being proposed.

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