Obama BLASTS Ted Cruz On Muslim Surveillance – Cruz Could Learn A Lesson From His Father

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, who are the GOP frontrunners, recently voiced their opinions about what should be done to prevent another attack like what happened in Brussels. Donald Trump is known for making derogatory remarks about Muslims, but Cruz may have outdone him this time.

Cruz stated that he stated that United States law enforcement should secure and patrol Muslim neighborhoods in order to prevent them from becoming radicalized.

President Obama addressed the Brussels attack during a press conference in Buenos Aires. He also pointed out that Cruz’s statements were very hypocritical. He stated that Cruz’s father left a country that tried to employ the same tactics.

President Obama stated that he had just returned from Cuba, which has the same type of surveillance that Cruz is talking about. He stated that Cruz’s father left Cuba for that same reason. He also stated that it does not make sense to employ those same tactics in America.

President Obama also stated that instituting surveillance from Muslims would be un-American. Cuba is a communist country. The video of President Obama’s press conference has been uploaded to YouTube. It has received over 28,000 views. Many people online have agreed with President Obama’s comments.

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