Nurse Places Newborn Twins In Same Crib And Something Shocking Happens – And It’s On Camera!

Twins have deep sibling connections that are often hard for other people to truly understand. This is evident in this gopro video of two twins being born. Lonie, the proud new father, works for the well-known action camera company GoPro. He wanted to display the kind of footage GoPro cameras are capable of offering, so he filmed the birth of his children…

Reese and Leonidas, his sweet twin baby girls, began their lives crying loudly, as most newborns do. Shortly after the twins were born, a nurse at the hospital put them together in a single crib, which prompted a very drastic change.

Though the twins came out of the womb screaming and kicking, that stopped instantly when they were placed in a crib together and looked at each other for the first time. Reese and Leonidas are currently happy, beautiful, healthy and thriving three year old girls on the verge f their fourth birthdays. someday they will get to watch the video clip and witness the beginning of their lifelong relationship.

In 2010, twins made up roughly 1 in 30 births in the United States, which translates to approximately 3.3 percent of American births in total. In many cases twins are truly a best friend for life… Or your evil counterpart. Either way they almost always have a strong bond

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