Newborn Kitten Who Was Saved From Iminent Death Just Received The Best News

Newborn Kitten Who Was Saved From Iminent Death Just Received The Best News

Lunch can save the day in more ways than one. Sure, the middle of the day meal is perfect to alleviate any troubled stomachs and the anger that ensues from being hungry in the afternoon, but it can also serve the purpose of protecting the public’s pets. Though this might be a difficult statement to wrap your head around, imagine this scenario: Your dog or cat is outside and being uncooperative when it is time to come in. What is the first thing you do to get them to listen? Naturally, you head to the kitchen or pantry in order to grab some delicious initiative. Ten times out of ten, this method is effective, which further validates the idea that lunch or food in general is important in even the most unsightly of situations. This theory saved the day for two California police officers and one tiny, lonesome critter recently as well.

Parlier, California is home to a low population, sunshine, and parks. Notwithstanding its small people population, the quaint city has a high homeless animal population, a factor that can be attributed to its ruralness. When residents begin to notice kittens running around the neighborhood and one that got itself in a sticky situation, they determined that this was a job for their compassionate police force.

A kitten worked her way into a drain pipe when she was separated from her mother and littermates. Though she was easily able to escape the drain, her fear got the best of her and she remained sheltered in there without food. This disheartening situation left people upset over the fact that this kitten was hungry and without water for days, so the responding officers wasted no time in trying to coax out the delicate creature.

Officers Jimenez and Corona were sent to the location one afternoon. The kitten quickly responded with fear and worked her way further into the pipe. Feeling slightly hopeless and fearful themselves, the officers brainstormed countless ideas that proved ineffective. However and when they remembered the tasty lunches that they were unable to finish, they assumed the kitten could use a snack herself and used that to everyone’s advantage.

Rushing to the car, the officers retrieved a half-eaten burrito and tempted the kitten with the treat. She quickly darted out of the pipe and into the arms of Officer Corona. Animal Control was eager to take the city’s kitten for evaluation and clearance, but that did not deter one of the officers from expressing his future plans.

Officer Corona instantaneously fell in love with the dainty kitten and expressed his willingness to adopt her when Animal Control clears her by deeming her safe and healthy. With prospective plans to name the kitten Burrito after the very meal that potentially saved her life, the officers were happy to be part of the experience of rescuing this cute feline and the city concurrently breathed a sigh of relief.

In sum, this situation could have been easily avoided if people were educated on the importance of controlling the domestic animal population. Thankfully, this particular circumstance did not have devastating consequences, but it easily could have it not for the wits of the responding officers. Animals are important and it is crucial to recognize their existence, to protect it, and to adjust accordingly to sustain a population full of healthy, four-legged friends.

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