New Bill Would Force Donald Trump Pay For His Own Travel To His Resorts

New Bill Would Force Donald Trump Pay For His Own Travel To His Resorts

A California congressman, Representative Ted Lieu from California, has recently introduced a bill called the Stop Waste and Misuse by the President Act also referred to as the SWAMP Act. Ironic, considering that he campaigned on the promise of draining the swamp in Washington.

The reason for its introduction is because President Trump is frequently traveling to properties that he has some sort of financial involvement in. The government is required to pay for both security and staff where he is, which creates a conflict of interest because his properties are taking directly from the taxpayer’s pockets.

Two of these locations included the golf club he has in Bedminster, NJ and his Mar-a-Lago resort located in Florida. He has spent 25 days at his Florida resort and played golf 19 times in just the first 100 days that he has been in office. The golf cart rentals cost more than $35,000, which could definitely be spent better elsewhere.

The introduction of this law doesn’t mean that it’s going to ever become a law. Keep in mind that both houses of Congress have a republican majority. Any proposed bill would have to get through the House of Representatives and the Senate. Even if by some crazy miracle it did manage to pass both houses, Trump himself would have to sign it and there’s no way that he would sign a law that hurt his personal interests.

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