Never Hire Another Exterminator After You See How He Gets Rid Of Them! I’m Amazed

One does not need to drop a crumb of food to attract an invasion of ants. Spring time is announced by these pesky little insects making their first appearances. Without proper measures, an armada of ants will be all over the floors of your home by summertime. There are effective means to prevent their appearance. However, some options are toxic while others can threaten to burst the budget of many a home. Do not despair as all is not lost against the ant. Our friend, Gregg the Gardener, utilized his vast experience to come up with a quick, easy, and cost effective method to curtail the proliferation of this pest should one be sighted in the house.

A physically demanding and emotionally upsetting scenario can manifest signs of exhaustion into many home owners and renters. Ants are pesky enough not to mention the embarrassment should guests see them. People will crawl on their knees at all hours of the day and night to make sure they are gone. A simple means to avoid the toil is to attract every ant to you. How is this done? By a simple mixture of Borax with sugar and honey, the home owner can have peace of mind.

A stunning statement considering that we have been conditioned to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars for professional help. The fifty cents might have to be augmented with a one time investment of a generic spray bottle that can be found at any discount store. Recycling an old spray bottle will do the trick as well. So let us assemble the ingredients to create this potion. 6-8 teaspoons of both Borax and honey/sugar will need to be measured out. Hot water will be needed to dissolve the ingredients in. Place the powders in the cup and add enough water to ensure that they dissolve. Stir to provide the motion to do this and then transfer into the spray bottle.

For homes that have family pets or young children, the places where you apply this have to be taken into consideration. Outside, it is okay to saturate the ant trails, mounds, and hills. One does not want to place at a level where crawling children or our pets converse inside. The application inside of the home will have the unintended effect of attracting more of them inside. One must ferret out the window sills, doorways, and junctures they use as a port of entry. Spray on the outside of this to detour them to their deaths. Finally, a bottle cap can be used to create a reservoir. Just place a brick or other impediment outside so that unintended animals do not run into this, mistake it for a treat, and get sick.

Peace of mind for pennies is the name of the game for this simple pest control method. The appearance of ants does not have to derail all the hope that spring promises us. Gregg the Gardener comes to the rescue not only for our home but our budget. Go to the store and pick up some Borax to put those ants in their place today.

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