NBC Loses a Huge Advertiser Over Alex Jones Interview

NBC Loses a Huge Advertiser Over Alex Jones Interview

Alex Jones is the founder and operator of InfoWars, a controversial yet popular news agency. Jones is known for making outrageous claims in line with conspiracy theorists. Some conspiracies are likely true, but Jones harps off conspiracies daily in attempts to appeal to listeners with catchy — and largely false — headlines. Megyn Kelly of NBC recently interviewed Alex Jones, in which Jones claimed that the tragic Sandy Hook massacre never happened.

NBC, a generally reputable news source, recently lost an advertiser over comments made by Jones in association with NBC’s Megyn Kelly. JP Morgan Chase backed out of advertising deals because of NBC’s new association with such incredibly false, cringe-y allegations of the Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colorado theater shootings being false.

InfoWars creator Jones claimed that Sandy Hook was a false flag event designed to point blame at another agency, but who? Sandy Hook was carried out by a twisted, 20-year-old individual, not another country or organization.

The Wall Street Journal reported that JP Morgan Chase did not want its name tainted by the false allegations Alex Jones constantly spews. Megyn Kelly’s interview with Alex Jones is set to air on Sunday, June 18.

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