Native Americans Began Their Dance – But No One Expectes A Marine To Walk In On This…

Powwows are a Native American tradition going back thousands of years. Today’s powwows typically feature dancing, traditional music, games, and vendors. A gathering of the Iowa Nation of Oklahoma was a little different than most in that a unique guest decided to take part in the festivities.

As a tribal leader wearing traditional headdress began a sacred war dance, he was joined by a U.S. Marine in full dress uniform. The young Marine started spinning and stomping on beat without missing a single step. The sight of the two dignified men dancing together, one in traditional dress and the other in uniform, emphasizes the proud history of Native Americans in our military.

Native American soldiers have played a critical role in our military for decades. During World War I and World War II, Native American “code talkers’ used their tribal languages to communicate secret messages that the Axis powers were never able to decode.

This gave Allied troops a significant advantage that ultimately led to victory in both wars. All Americans owe a debt of gratitude to this young Marine and all of the brave Native American men and women who have proudly served and defended our country through the generations.

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