Mouthwatering Recipe Uses Melted Chocolate And Condensed Milk To Create Something AMAZING

Chocolate is a good ingredient to use when making just about any kind of dessert. Whether it’s frozen, fresh,  or melted chocolate is always a popular addition to any snack. But when you combine melted chocolate and condensed milk in the microwave the result is amazing.

Hot, Homemade, FUDGE…

The combination of the ingredients react together with heat to produce an easy and delicious fudge that can be poured into molds for a variety of shapes. You can also add flavoring to the fudge, such as mint or vanilla. One recipe even includes graham crackers and marshmallows, making the fudge taste like s’mores.When you dollop the melted chocolate onto a pan to harden, you want to make sure there is a piece of parchment paper on the pan so that the fudge doesn’t stick. Leave that fudge in the refrigerator overnight to improve consistency. When the fudge is hardened, you can cut it into small squares, and serving the pieces on a little platter.

White chocolate can be used to make a cookies and cream fudge or crushed chocolate cookies. White fudge and red food coloring are ideal to use for themed holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Prepare yourself for the next holiday banger with some homemade fudge, and everyone is going to want to get a piece.

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