Mother Reunited With Her Puppies After Years Of Separation.

Rosie is a pit bull who was homeless in the city of Los Angeles for weeks before she received some help from kind strangers. Eldad approached this dog not knowing what he was about to find. However, he realized that she had just had a litter of puppies, and they were nowhere to be found.

He sat with her for over an hour, trying to coax the dog to help him find her puppies. Then, he had an ingenious idea. He took out his smartphone and started to play the sounds of crying puppies, with the hope that Rosie would think that those were her own puppies and then show him where they were. This plan worked, and it only took a few minutes before she showed him her five puppies. All of these puppies needed medical help, as she had been nursing them in a pile of trash and leaves.

The puppies’ names are Faith, Samson, Champ, Clyde, and Shadow, and each of them is now safe and in a loving home. Their mother has found a forever home as well. They occasionally have reunions as well, like the one in this video where Rosie gets to celebrate her birthday.

It is clear that they all remember one another well, and watching them play, it is like they were never apart. It is wonderful to see the bond between these dogs, and it shows just how capable of love dogs are, more than most would give them credit for.

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