Mother Gives Birth To Litter Of 10 – But Each Of The Puppies Ha Something Special About Them!

Tracy McMenamy has been on edge the past few years. The wife of a police officer, McMenamy realizes that her husband puts his life on the line every time he leaves the house.

With 16 police officers killed in the line of duty this year alone, it’s easy to understand why she’s worried. However, instead of focusing on the negative circumstances that caused the deaths of these police officers, McMenamy decided to honor their memories.

As a foster dog mom for Operation Paws for Homes, McMenamy recently had one of her charges give birth to a huge litter of puppies—10 in all. She named each of the adorable pups after a fallen officer. Logsdon, Colson, Guindon and Leotta are just a few of the names of these beautiful animals, whose names serve as a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice that these members of law enforcement made.

McMenamy only laments that there aren’t more puppies to honor every single officer who was murdered. The beautiful litter of puppies puts a fresh perspective on the sad situation.

When some of the family members of these officers caught wind of McMenamy’s sweet tribute, they stepped forward to adopt the puppies that carry the names of their loved ones.

Leotta will be adopted by Officer Leotta’s family when the pup is ready to go home, and Guindon will go to the aunt of Officer Guindon. There are still eight beautiful puppies waiting to be adopted.

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