Most Under-Covered Story of 2016: The GOP’s Attack on Voting Rights

Most Under-Covered Story of 2016: The GOP’s Attack on Voting Rights

In the 25 presidential primary debates and general election, there were many questions that were asked. But not a single question was directed toward the attack on the people’s voting rights.

Why should it have been addressed? Because this was the first election in 5 decades that didn’t offer the entire protection of the Voting Rights Act.

An astounding 14 states had new restrictions placed on voting in 2016. These 14 states included swing states like Virginia and Wisconsin. Yet there was only one outlet that covered the otherwise under-cover scandal – The Nation.

Chances are that we will never know how many people were told that they couldn’t vote in the last election. Whether it was by restrictions, such as voter-ID laws, barriers to registering to vote, or budget cuts to early voting outlets, rights were violated left and right.

However, after hearing this bit of information, it’s definitely something that should have and should be looked into more thoroughly.

Over 27,000 votes separated President Trump and Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin. The state had 300,000 registered voters but lacked strict forms for voter IDs.

The voter turnout was the lowest it’s been in 20 years and decreased a whopping 13% in Milwaukee. That is where 70% of the entire state’s black population lives.

While some voters made multiple trips to voting polls to make sure they could vote, others gave up when they were denied their right to vote initially.

Worse still, some who had family and friends who were denied their right to vote decided not to vote, either, even though they could.

When Election Day rolled around, there were 868 fewer places to vote in states that had a long, strong history of voter discrimination. Some of those states included Texas, Arizona, and North Carolina.

To the few that did cover the voter discrimination and general underhandedness this past election offered, we thank you. To those who are just learning about it, we urge you to not be duped again next year.

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