Mormon Church Leaders: ‘There Are NO Homosexual Members Of The Church’

Recently, David A. Bednar, who is an Elder with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), was visiting the country of Chile when he made some proclamations about the members of his church that left more than a few Mormons, and members of the gay community, surprised.

During a meeting that took place on February 23rd, Elder Bednar was asked a question by the audience member that was translated to him from Spanish regarding homosexuals in the church and his response was translated back to the audience. He stated that his church and Mormons do not discriminate against any homosexual members because there are no homosexual members of the Mormon church.

He went on to say that while all people are “sons and daughters of God” we all have “different challenges in the flesh”. While sexual behavior does not define you, the sin is in the action.

A policy in the Mormon Church dictates that any couple that enter a same-sex marriage will be considered as abandoning their religion. They could face disciplinary hearings within the church and could possibly be excommunicated. If a child has same-sex parents, they will not be allowed to be baptized in the Mormon Church and are forbidden to join until they turn 18-years-old. They are also required to move out of their parents home and not support same-sex relationships.

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