Montel Williams Does THIS To Tear Josh Duggar A New One Over Him Molesting His Sisters

Montel Williams Does THIS To Tear Josh Duggar A New One Over Him Molesting His Sisters

The recent revelation by reality television personality Josh Duggar that he had molested his sisters caused former talk show host Montel Williams to erupt in anger, citing Duggar’s past comments about how gay people were considered a danger to children.

Duggar had made those coments while serving as executive director of the Family Research Council, a Conservative group that has long been opposed to any expansion of gay rights. Due to the evolving scandal, Duggar has resigned that position.

However, Williams criticized Duggar’s hypocrisy in making an effort to protect children from alleged moral corruption by gays, while molesting members of his own family at the same time.

Williams delivered a series of comments via Twitter that savagely attacked Duggar, writing, “Gosh, yet another anti-gay alleged “Christian” defender turns out to be a garden variety scumbag.”

The vast majority of people who had the opportunity to express their opinion about Williams’ comments on Twitter were in favor of them. In Twitter’s terms, they “liked” his comments, which caused Williams to applaud the individuals who did by saying that they were standing up for tolerance.

Still, there were some who quoted Bible passages or asked why Williams wasn’t forgiving Duggar for his transgressions. Williams indicated that if Duggar were to made amends for his past comments about gays, he would consider it.

TLC, the network that was showing the reality series about Duggar’s family, has since placed the program on hiatus. In addition, a number of advertisers have dropped their sponsorship.

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