Monday’s Wilder Word – Why Did Michael Flynn Request Immunity in Trump/Russia Investigation?

Monday’s Wilder Word – Why Did Michael Flynn Request Immunity in Trump/Russia Investigation?

Here we go again. Michael Flynn is BACK in the spotlight, after he offered to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee designated for the Russia-Trump Administration investigation. That is of course, in exchange for immunity. It seems that the Intelligence Committee is closing in on some very ugly conspiracies.

What is “immunity”? Well, in lawyer-speak, it is “the concept of a person or entity being immune from legal liability due to a special status”. In other words, Michael Flynn wants to snitch on the Russia-Trump operation, but wants legal protection from the consequences.

Why would Flynn ask for immunity before turning information over? … Seems suspicious. Almost like he knows that he has done something seriously wrong. This seems like a last ditch attempt to protect himself from his wrongful collusion.

In fact in an interview with NBC News, back in September of 2016 Flynn himself admitted said,

“When you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime.”

That is some delicious irony.

Unfortunately for Flynn, the Senate Intelligence Committee flatly denied his request for immunity. Which probably means they already know everything he intended to tell them, and don’t need his testimony to rule their judgment. Looks like poor old Michael Flynn is going to have to face the consequences of his actions, after all.

What were those actions? Well, we’re still waiting to get the full story. But back in February Michael Flynn had to step down from his position as National Security Advisor for having illegal interactions and communications with Russian officials during our election. The job of the Senate Intelligence Committee is to investigate the connections between the Trump Campaign and Russia. It is believed that Russian Intelligence hacked our election in favor of putting Trump in the White House.

We do not yet know the scope of this relationship – but by all measures it seems to have both Donald Trump and Michael Flynn worried. If the Intelligence Committee finds that Flynn and the Trump Administration’s collusion are in fact illegal (potentially even treasonous), then it is very likely that Flynn goes to jail and Donald Trump’s impeachment begins.

We can only hope, and wait to see.

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