Mom Posts Photo Of Son’s Patriotic Class Project. What The Flag Is Made Of? It’s Going Viral!

Jacob Feazel is a high school senior who attends Maconaquah High School in Indiana. The 17-year-old recently had a school project that challenged him to show his patriotic side.

Jacob considered long and hard what he could do that would show how he felt about America and those who are serving in the military. What the high school senior came up with blew everyone away.

The project took Jacob 11 days to create. He used over 4,400 green toy soldiers and spent 50 hours painstakingly painting each solider either red, white, or blue. He then took each solider by painted color and placed them on a wooden board. In the end, the soldiers came together to represent the flag as well as the men and women who fight every day to allow Americans to freely fly that flag.

Jacob’s proud mother shared his project on Facebook, which has gone viral. His artwork has been shared over hundreds of thousands of times around the internet. His project has touched so many and instilled a feeling of pride in his school.

His parents have even receive offers from strangers looking to buy the piece! However Jacob said that he is more interested in holding on to what he created at this time.

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