Mom is in Jail And She’s In Foster Care . 20 Years Later, The Judge Drops A Serious BOMBSHELL

Prank it FWD is an organization that helps the homeless and those in poverty reach their goals with funds raised through partnerships and donations. Melissa, from California, was lucky enough to be one of their recipients. Melissa grew up in foster care, having been abandoned by a drug addicted mother. This is her story.

Melissa lived her childhood bouncing back and forth between different foster homes. Her mother, addicted to drugs, also spent time in jail. Melissa’s younger brothers were in foster care, back in Alabama. Even though Melissa was disconnected from her family, she never gave up hope that one day she and her two brothers would be reunited.

When Melissa was of legal age, she joined the armed forces to make a better life for herself. Now 21-years-old, she rents a tiny home in California, but she has not seen her brothers in six years. Recently, Melissa learned that her mother had once again tested positive for methamphetamines. She knew it was time to act and make sure her brothers were taken care of.

Melissa filed papers through the Alabama court system to legally adopt her brothers and bring them with her back to California. She knew the judge had many reasons to turn down her request. She was young and inexperienced at caring for children. She barely made enough money to pay her rent. The judge would probably assume their foster family had a better chance of providing for them.

Melissa was determined to see it through. She and her two friends packed up a car for the three day long trip. Just before she left, she received quite a surprise. Prank it FWD showed up at her house and had a few gifts for Melissa to take on her trip. They provided her with a new cell phone and several bags of groceries to eat on the road. They had also paid up her next month’s rent, so she would not have to worry about where she would find rent money, should the judge rule in her favor.

Melissa could not have been more appreciative. It was the kindness of strangers that propelled her forward on her journey to reunite her family.

Melissa was soon pleading her case to an Alabama judge. She obviously made a strong impression. The judge agreed that she would make a fine guardian for her brothers. Overjoyed, now all Melissa had to do was go to their school and tell her brothers the great news.

Melissa entered each boy’s class, unable to hold back her tears. She embraced each one as she told them the good news. They would be coming home with her. Her brothers were as excited as Melissa had hoped.

Prank it FWD helped Melissa begin her journey, but they were not finished yet. Shortly after Melissa and the boys returned home to California, Prank It FWD sent them a video message. They expressed how happy they were that everything had worked out. They also thought that Melissa needed one more very special gift. They were all instructed to go outside and see the big surprise.

As they opened the door three Toyota vehicles drove up. Upon hearing her story, Toyota also wanted to do something for the family. Melissa was given a new car and was even able to pick her favorite color blue. Along with the car, they agreed to cover all upfront and future costs of the vehicle.

Even though Melissa and her brother’s had lived a hard life, they were able to see that there were countless people who truly wanted them to be happy.

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