Mom and Dad Have To Force Their Children Onto Their First School Bus. What They Capture On Tape? LOL

When parents send their children off to school, it can either be a joyous occasion or one with filled sadness. Children might not want to leave home, and parents might be apprehensive about what their children will encounter at school. One particular brother and sister weren’t too happy about their school experience, and didn’t want to leave home for the day.

It’s their first time going to school, so the mother tries to comfort them before they get on the bus. But as soon as they see coming up the road, the little boy turns to his mother with big sad eyes. He begs her to let him stay at home, but she has to send him off to school.

The father is filming his children getting on the bus for the first time. However, the father takes a different approach to encouraging his children onto the bus. He pokes fun at them and calls the child a dork for being so reluctant to get on the bus.

When the children are gone, the father throws himself a party because they aren’t at home. It is the first time the parents are at home alone, and they celebrate having some solo time! Check out the video.

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