Mob of Trump Supporters Viciously Attacks Black Woman at Kentucky Trump Rally

Mob of Trump Supporters Viciously Attacks Black Woman at Kentucky Trump Rally

Donald Trump, white supremacists, supporters in Louisville, Kentucky have been filmed mobbing an African American female protester trying to leave the rally. The tape shows several white men pushing, shoving, and yelling racist comments at the college student. While wearing Trump supporting t-shirts, they screamed in her face as she dodged the Trump supporters.

A crowd of onlookers watched the event unfold with approval, without stepping in to protect the woman. As Trump supporters scowled at the woman, they watched her be assaulted.

The victim, Shiya Nwanguma, was one of many protesters at the rally. Protesters were thrown out throughout the event, with a strict divide between protesters and supporters. Trump paused his speech many times throughout to make comments about the demonstrators who were being escorted out of the rally by police and secret service agents, noting that he would endure criticism whether he discouraged harsh treatment or not. This forceful removal of protesters has become commonplace at Trump rallies and he has often made rude comments about how they should be treated.

Nwanguma reports to be doing well now, yet looks at Trump supporters as being evil and dangerous. She is currently trying to process the incident.

Donald Trump continues to find success in the race to become the Republican presidential nominee. He had a successful Super Tuesday, which gathered more support while anchoring his current supporters. Six states declared Donald Trump to be their winner: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Virginia, and Vermont. This means that Trump is likely to win in the upcoming weekend as he faces the Super Saturday primaries. None of the Republican Party candidates have removed their names from the race yet.’


I’m watching this shit right now on the news 2016 in Louisville KY and I’m furious !!!!look at the way they treated this beautiful African American female these racist ### ######## turned the tables and you know what would happen this is what these people think about us

Posted by Paul Bibbs on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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