Michelle Obama Gives A Brutal Speech On Racism And You Need To See It ASAP

Michelle Obama may have recently done something that is good for the white people in the United States. She gave a speech about racism in the country and what people on both sides of the fence are faced with on a daily basis.

When Barack Obama became President, he and the First Lady had to put on a shell in order to deal with some of the comments that were made by people among the white race who didn’t agree with an African American in office.

There were fears when the family entered the White House, and there are still fears to this day. Some magazines have displayed her as a radical terrorist. She has been called Obama’s baby mama among other names that are typically heard when speaking of the African American race.

There is anger that has built up among the African American population, as well as other people of color, in the country. This is where the riots are stemming from.

They are tired of fearing for their lives when they walk down the street. There are challenges that haven’t been overcome, and they will never be overcome until the white race begins to accept that there are people of color who share the same country.

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