Michael Moore Goes Viral Explaining “Why Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed”

Michael Moore Goes Viral Explaining “Why Trump Is Gonna Get Us Killed”

Michael Moore was one of the first to see a path to victory for Donald Trump. That doesn’t mean the filmmaker supports him. Moore has already called for Inauguration Day protests. In a viral Facebook post, Moore is now worrying that Donald Trump’s incompetence will lead to American deaths.

Although the President-Elect campaigned on Islamaphobia and carpet bombing terrorists, he is not taking national security seriously. He brags about not attending intelligence briefings, claiming he is too smart to need them. Trump has also not yet revealed the secret ISIS knowledge he claimed to have, so Americans don’t know how he’ll keep the country safe.

In Moore’s post, the filmmaker draws on his experience making Fahrenheit 9/11, a film about the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Moore points out that President Bush skipped many intelligence briefings before the attacks and that intelligence officials had been warning him of Osama bin Laden’s plans for months. In Moore’s eyes, President Bush was “asleep at the wheel” but President-Elect Trump “refuses to even get behind the wheel.”

Moore is furious with how Trump is choosing to spend his time. The billionaire is currently touring the country and promising his supporters that stores will soon start saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays.” Trump is also watching SNL’s satirical portrayals of his decision and criticizing them on Twitter. The NYC native also angered many when he criticized Broadway actors for talking to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence and called out a Carrier union leader who refused to support him. As Moore points out, Trump’s priorities “simply boggle the mind.”

The rant only covers a few areas of concerns around Mr. Trump. He hasn’t entered office yet, but he’s already angered the Chinese and Indian governments. Many conservatives are questioning his cabinet decisions, and he may enter office with the lowest approval ratings of any president in the past 25 years.

Hopefully Moore’s rant will inspire Trump to put down his phone and start attending briefings. If the last few months are any indication, it’s more likely Trump and Moore will soon be sniping at each other on social media. Maybe Mike Pence can run the country while Trump is occupied.

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