Mark Cuban Embarrasses Fox News Live On Their Own Channel, Their Response? What A Joke

In a recent interview with Fox News, Mark Cuban shared his thoughts on how having Trump in the White House would affect his bottom line. To the dismay of many of the top brass at the conservative news network, Cuban described how Trump’s policies, or lack of them, would bring down the stock market.

He feels that lowering taxes on large segments of the population, as Trump has promised to do, would negatively affect stock performance. He predicts that people who invest in the market would put off selling their stocks because of the lower tax rates, and then the market in future years would be more vulnerable due to the uncertainty inherent in a Trump presidency.

Cuban stated, “In the event that Donald wins, I have no doubt in my mind that the market tanks.” Cuban would have plans in place to hedge his investments, protecting him from any drops in the market.

He also criticized the Trump campaign on a number of other points. He called the former real estate titan the “master of headline porn” and expressed frustration with the tendency for Trump to spin tall tales, make boastful claims, and not back up those claims with facts. Cuban said he wanted a president who understood policy, has done relevant research into a range of topics, and has well-detailed plans.

An executive from Fox News has said that Cuban is no longer welcome on the network. During the presidential primaries, the network covered the various candidates and tested them in different ways. Since Trump became the frontrunner, it’s been clear that Fox News is fully supporting Trump. Apparently, that also means that certain critics of the Republican nominee are going to have to look elsewhere for screen time.

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