Maniac Grabs Her From Behind In A Parking Lot. If THIS Wasn’t In Her Hands, She’d Be Alive…

Personal safety is something that you have to worry about at all times. You need to have a home that is secure. This will stop criminals from being able to enter the house when you are home. You also need to be on guard at all times whenever you go outside, which means when you are going to work, going shopping or even visiting a friend. Criminals can strike at any time and in any place. This includes familiar places where you might feel comfortable and safe. Some criminals might even go so far as to watch your patterns for a few days and determine when you are most vulnerable. Fortunately, one woman put together a video that has been circulating the Internet. The video shows how to best protect yourself in parking lots.

Parking lots are particularly dangerous places for a few reasons: first, you are incredibly vulnerable when you are getting into or out of your vehicle. It is a time when many assaults or robberies occur. Another problem is that some parking lots provide criminals with a good amount of cover. Someone could be hiding behind a car, inside a car or hiding in the garbage can like the cookie monster… if the cookie monster was trying to mug or rape you. Anyway, you need to approach every parking lot in the same way to stay safe.

The first step is that you need to move in the right way, enter the parking lot with a confident and determined stride. Walk directly to where you need to go without stopping or hesitating – make it look like you have a clear purpose. This type of confident attitude can often dissuade criminals from attempting to assault you. As you move take note of anyone in the parking lot who seems suspicious. If you do see someone loitering or watching you, then stare directly at the person. This is sends the message that you see them and recognize their presence – let them know they aren’t going to sneak attack you. This also allows you to remember what a person looks like later on  if a crime is attempted.

Next, keep one hand clear while you are crossing a parking lot. You want to have your dominant hand open and free from bags or other items allowing you to use the hand to push away an attacker or fight back if someone assaults you. A free hand also makes it much easier to quickly open and get into your car where you will be safer. If something seems wrong and someone is approaching you, put your keys in your dominant hand between your fingers and make a fist. It’s a makeshift weapon that could save your life in a pinch.

There are times when the situation in a parking lot might seem very unsafe or complicated. You might not feel comfortable walking out to your car because there are groups of people or one person intently watching you. You do not ever have to travel to your car alone. Go back into the store or office and ask someone to come out to the car with you (security guards will frequently do this, as might store managers). Having someone else with you will deter most criminals.

The instructional video shows just how easy it is for a criminal to abduct someone in a parking lot. If you are prepared, then you have a better chance of making sure it never happens. Be sure to always listen to your instincts – even if you cannot justify them. It is always better to go through a little inconvenience to stay safe than to become the victim of a crime.

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