Manhunt for Facebook Broadcast Killer Extends to Other States

Manhunt for Facebook Broadcast Killer Extends to Other States

FBI agents and police officers are still looking for Steve Stephens, the man in Cleveland who shot Robert Godwin, Sr. He recorded the killing on his cell phone and then uploaded it on his Facebook page. People who live in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Kentucky are encouraged to be extra cautious.

The shooting occurred in the Glenville area. Steve talked about how he was looking for someone to kill in the video. He then walked up to Robert and asked him questions. The video does not show the actual shooting. However, it does show Robert lying on the ground after the shooting.

Steve recorded another video later in the day laughing about the murder. He stated that he has killed 13 people. However, the police officers have stated that there is no proof that Steve has killed someone else. Steve is 37-years-old, black, 6’1 and weighs 244 pounds. He wore a dark blue and gray shirt yesterday.

Steve blamed the shooting on his ex-girlfriend. In the video, you can hear him saying “She is the reason this is about to happen to you.” Governor John Kasich has made a statement about the shooting. He stated that police officers are working on this heinous crime.

Although there have been many crimes committed on Facebook Live, this is reportedly the first murder. Videos are not screened by Facebook before they are uploaded. Users have to report inappropriate videos. The video stayed up for three hours before it was removed.

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