Man With Down Syndrome Vowed To Become A Bodybuilder. Wait Until You See His Transformation. WOW!

Twenty-one year-old Collin Clarke is from Evansville, Indiana. He also has Down’s Syndrome, but he is not letting his condition stop him from achieving his dreams. He has been bodybuilding for a long time and will be competing in his first competition soon. Clark started bodybuilding at Bob’s Gym North. This was where he met Glenn Ubelhor, who was a personal trainer.

Clarke’s interest in bodybuilding began to grow. He then started working day in and day out because he dreamed of competing in a competition one day. Glenn started helping Clarke train after he noticed that Clarke was imitating the moves. Their love of bodybuilding is what initially brought the two together. Their commitment to hard work is what helped keep them together.

Glenn was interviewed by BuzzFeedNews, and he told them that he has never seen someone who was so committed and focused on training. When Clarke first started bodybuilding, he weighed over 200 pounds, and his body fat percentage was 30 percent. He was classified as being morbidly obese.

One year later, Clarke has undergone an amazing transformation. He is down to 145 pounds, and his body fat percentage is just 10 percent. Not only does Clarke look like a different person on the outside, but he also feels different on the inside. His mindset, attitude and outlook on life has also improved.

Clarke stated that he is very happy to be training because bodybuilding is something that is in his blood. He has also stated that bodybuilding is something that he has wanted to do ever since he was a kid. Clarke said that anyone who is pursuing a dream should push harder and never quit.

Clarke’s first bodybuilding competition will take place on November 14th. He will compete in the novice division.

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