Maid Of Honor Decides NOT To Toast The Bride – Instead She Prepares To Sling Some Dope Rhymes

One of the things that the Maid of Honor does during the wedding is to offer a toast to the bride. While many women will take the time to prepare the speech, some will simply say what they feel on the spur of the moment so that it is a genuine speech from the heart. One Maid of Honor decided to spend a few weeks preparing a rap for the bride.

Hayley O’Brien chose her older sister to be her Maid of Honor, and she was happy with her decision from the beginning of the preparations to the end of the reception. Wedding guests were on their feet, holding their champagne glasses in the air when the sister gave her rap speech.

She created a rap that went along with the song “Ice Ice Baby”, and everyone was shocked at how well it turned out. The sister started off by saying that she wanted to come up with something that everyone would remember.

She thought about making the speech into a workout, and then she thought about singing her speech. She knows that her sister is about music, so she decided to rap. The sister changed the lyrics of the song to include some of the bride and groom’s favorite activities and moments about their life.

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