Lucy Is Ready For Bed, Watch How She Gets Into The Hammock… Too Funny!

Lucille Ball is undeniably one of the biggest comic talents of all time. Most people definitely aren’t going to argue with that statement. The sassy redhead has been celebrated all around the planet for many decades. Her beloved comedic program “I Love Lucy” has been a staple on television for years and years now and it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon. People of all ages simply adore watching reruns of the show. That’s not a shocker in any way, either. The show is absolutely hilarious! People who watch the program can quickly feel the hours fly by. It’s impossible not to laugh at the funny antics Lucy and her husband Ricky Ricardo experience. It’s also impossible not to laugh at the hilarious adventures of their landlords, the husband and wife pair Ethel and Fred Mertz.

Lucy is a champion comedian. Her physical comedy skills are second to none. When she was first beginning in Hollywood, she took small roles in films as cowgirls and cave girls. She wasn’t intimidated by the idea of playing any type of role. She wanted to work in showbiz and was determined for her dream to come true. By the time Lucy landed a television show alongside Desi Arnaz, her husband, she was already a seasoned showbiz pro. She knew the ins and outs of the acting and comedy worlds at that point. “I Love Lucy” began running in 1951 and continued to do so until 1957. American people everywhere were enchanted by the humor that occurred weekly on “I Love Lucy.” The show was a smash hit. People simply couldn’t get enough of it. Lucy and Desi weren’t done entertaining audiences when they hit show wrapped up, either. They continued to be active by working on “The Lucy and Desi Comedy Hour” special programs. Ethel and Fred, of course, remained alongside them for all of the fun, too. Although Ethel and Fred were Lucy and Desi’s landlords, they at the same time were their greatest buddies. The two couples were extremely tight.

One episode of “I Love Lucy” showed both couples traveling far to frigid Alaska. They traveled to the northernmost state in order to assess land they had bought. They were all extremely worn out by all the traveling they had to do. That’s why they were beyond excited about the idea of finally going to bed for the night. A big issue popped up that prevented all of them from actually getting a good night’s rest, however. They stayed at a distant and isolated hotel that only had a single guest room free. That means they all had to share one room. The two couples were unable to get privacy for the night. The married couples had no choice but to share a hammock, bed an Army cot. Definitely the recipe for some true comedy enjoyment! Lucy, of course, opted to sleep on the hammock. The hanging bed proved to be quite complicated for the gal, however. When she tried to sleep in the bed and catch some Zzzs, the results truly couldn’t be any funnier. It took Lucy quite a while to get a hang of the hammock and get comfortable.

Hammocks may look like the picture of leisure and relaxation. Looking at pictures of people relaxing and napping the day away on hammocks in warm and sunny environments always seems to be so envy-inducing. People don’t usually imagine how difficult it can sometimes be to actually get these things to work properly. If they watch this episode of “I Love Lucy,” however, they may feel a bit discouraged by hammock use!

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