Loving Couple, Married For 6 Decades Both Die Within Minutes Of Each Other!

Henry and Jeanette De Lange, who lived in South Dakota, were married for 63 years. Henry was a veteran who served in the Korean War. Jeanette was a musician. Jeanette was also battling Alzheimer’s and was in a nursing home.

Lee, who is the couple’s son, stated that his father visited his mother every day while she was in the nursing home. Sometimes, he would visit his wife two or three times a day. Henry was also battling prostate cancer.

The doctor informed the family that neither Henry nor Jeanette was going to be around much longer. Henry was admitted into the nursing home and placed in the same room with his wife. Although the time that they would spend together would be short, the couple was happy to be reunited.

Jeanette passed away in her sleep. Keith, who is another one of the couple’s sons, told his father that he did not have to fight anymore if he did not want to. Henry died 20 minutes after his wife passed away.

Keith stated that the clock in the room stopped at 5:30. He stated that he took it as a sign from God that what just happened was meant to be.

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