Louisiana Relief Worker Slams Donald Trump’s Photo-op: ‘Where’s the f*cking check?’

Neva Butkus, a relief worker from Louisiana who is overseeing efforts to assist and rescue displaced and endangered residents after floods decimated Baton Rouge and killing thirteen people this past week, lashed out at Trump for visiting the city while rescue and repair work was still ongoing – and handing out no supplies, writing no checks for the city’s recovery, and doing no work, instead unloaded a truck of Play-Do for the children of Baton Rouge.

Butkus remarked that President Obama was asked by Louisiana’s governor, John Edwards, not to visit until the city had been made safe. President Obama abided by this request, and has not visited Baton Rouge out of courtesy for their currently limited resources in dealing with the flood’s aftermath.

Trump chose to make a surprise visit anyway, and although he was asked by Governor Edwards to assist in some way, he instead opted for the publicity stunt of unloading the Play-Doh truck – that angered many citizens of Baton Rouge and the state as a whole.

“Give us money or GTFO. I don’t want to see you in your suit in AUGUST carrying boxes off a truck like you care about us,”

Butkus stated on Facebook this past week, her sentiment echoed by many other Baton Rougians.

“Seriously…where’s the f*cking check?”

Butkus stated that Trump is exploiting Baton Rouge’s tragedy in order to enhance his own image, and to make it appear that he genuinely cares about Baton Rouge’s citizens. Her Facebook post was met with round support from other citizens. It is unclear whether or not Trump has responded to her remarks.

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