Little Hero Carries A Dying Student Out Of Class – The Teacher Sends Mom THIS Shocking Note…

Anthony Ruelas is a 15 year-old at a middle school in Texas recently helped one of his classmates whose life was in danger. Anthony’s classmate began having an asthma attack one day, wheezing and gasping for three minutes, and no one did anything.

She fell out of her seat – the teacher claimed that she was waiting for the nurse. However, Anthony decided that he was going to take matters into his own hands. He picked up his classmate and took her to the nurse’s office himself, where the girl received her medication and thankfully survived.

Anthony should be considered a hero because of his quick actions. However, he got into trouble with the school and was suspended for two days because he left class without permission … Anthony’s mom, Sandy, was surprised to see the note his teacher sent home, and that her son is getting punished because of his heroic actions.

Anthony is in an alternative school, and she feels like her son is going through enough because people are constantly telling him that he is ‘bad’. She also stated that her son deserves to be rewarded for his actions. Anthony does not mind the two-day suspension because he was more concerned about his friend’s health and he also stated that he would do it again.

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