Little Boy Started Dancing At A Country Concert – 15 Seconds Later Every Eye Was On Him!

Rascal Flatts performed in Pikeville, KY back in February 2013. They put on an amazing show, but they were not the only ones who made headlines that night. During the intermission LMFAO’s hit song “Sexy And I Know It” played. A little boy decided that he was going to get up and dance to the song. He even got many other people to join in on the fun.

The little boy was having a good time and did not seem to care about what other people thought. He let his inhibitions go and just enjoyed the dance. The crowd also appeared to enjoy the dance.

They clapped and laughed the entire time that the boy danced. Some people even recorded the boy dancing. At the end of the boy’s performance, the crowd cheered loudly.

Not only did the boy have a lot of fun while he was dancing, but it is obvious from the video that he is very talented. He was able to sync his moves with the music, which is impressive because the boy appeared to only be four or five-years-old. The video of the boy dancing has gone viral. It has received over six million views on YouTube.

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