Kids Try Dark Chocolate In Slow-Mo. And The Reactions We Caught On Camera Are HILARIOUS!

You wouldn’t think that tasting chocolate could feel like a punishment, but the traumatized expressions on the faces of these unsuspecting kids tells a different story. Unlike milk chocolate, dark chocolate has a sharp, bitter taste.

Children who have never encountered dark chocolate before are in for a rude awakening when they realize that it is nothing like the milky chocolate they are used to tasting. This commercial catches kids’ surprise and dismay at the unexpected flavor – grimaces, wrinkled noses and loose tongues hanging out are clear responses that communicate shocked discomfort.

Five different children taste dark chocolate for the first time in this creative advertisement. It cuts back and forth between the children as they very vividly react to this sensation. Their reactions are even funnier captured in slow motion.

Kids are still learning about tastes, smells, sights, and sounds adults deal with every day. It’s interesting to watch something, mundane in your life, change a child’s forever.

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