Kids Pose For Their Class Photo – 30 Years Later, Teacher Looks At Bottom Left And Sees It…

Mrs. Schik was a beloved elementary school teacher in the Perham school district of Minnesota. She taught hundreds of students with love, enthusiasm, and kindness for decades. Her impressive career began in the 1940’s, ending with her retirement in 1989. Though she is no longer in the classroom, the impact that this amazing teacher had lives on in the successful lives and careers of so many of her grateful former students.

Sadly, shortly after Mrs. Schik’s retirement, her husband passed away suddenly. This tragic event took place just before the couple was able to realize their dream of traveling across the country together. At 90 years old, Mrs. Schik made the difficult decision to leave years of memories behind and move out of the home she and her husband had shared for so many years. She relocated to a senior’s independent living complex, where she has adjusted well and is continuing to enjoy life to the fullest.

It was there that Mrs. Schik turned on the local television news station one day to make an an exciting discovery. One of the anchors on KARE 11 Sunrise in St. Paul, Minnesota, was a former student of hers. One amazing characteristic of this inspiring former educator is her ability to remember the faces of students decades after teaching them. Though this local news anchor had been privileged to pass through Mrs. Schik’s classroom as a young kindergarten student, she was still able to easily recognize him as an adult when she noticed him reporting the news. She said, “When I first saw him, I could hardly believe it…”

You can view the attached video to find out what happened when Mrs. Schik was reunited with her former student. Please SHARE this heartwarming video with your friends and loved ones on Facebook to remind them just what an important difference a dedicated teacher can make in the life of her students.

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