Kid Reacts To Mike Pence Elbowing Him In The Face – Becomes Internet Hero

While hosting visitors for National Military Spouse Appreciation Day at the White House, Vice President Mike Pence accidentally bonked one poor boy right in the face.

According to the video of the incident, Mike Pence did not seem to notice his blunder, but the boy certainly did. The camera zooms in on him as he politely, and quite persistently, follows the Vice President around the room, asking for the apology that he feels he deserves. While some view this incident as a cute “Kids say the Darndest Things” moment, others see it as one inspiring, though small, step toward resolving some bigger, more politically-oriented issues.

As the video goes viral on Twitter, many applaud the boy for being brave enough to hold our nation’s leaders accountable for their actions—something that many adults feel is no longer standard nor expected today. Sarah McBride, the current National Press Secretary of the Human Rights Campaign, took this as an opportunity to tweet to her followers, “This boy is every marginalized person in America.”

Another Twitter user even claimed that Vice President Pence owes every American an apology, not just the courageous boy whom he bopped in the face, and that the American people won’t be so polite about their demand for that apology. This clip has definitely caught the attention of social media users, whether it’s because of the adorable justice-seeking kid who refuses to be swept aside or the general satisfaction in seeing Vice President Mike Pence compelled to apologize for what he has done.

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