Judge Allows Inmate To Meet His Baby For The First Time, Moves Courtroom To Tears

The actions of a judge moved an entire courtroom to tears. He allowed an inmate to meet his baby for the first time while he was in the courtroom. Amber Wolf is a judge in Kentucky. She is known for becoming irate over a female inmate not being able to get sanitary napkins and pants for 3 days.

Wolf is in the news once again. She went against the regulations of the court and let an inmate see his 1-month-old baby. This was the first time that the young man had seen his baby. James and Ashley Roeder were charged with the same crime of burglary. They were ordered not to have contact with each other. While they were apart, Ashley delivered their baby boy.

The judge was completing the trial for James before beginning the trial for Ashley when she asked the mother if she wanted to let James see the baby. Ashley had tried to hold the baby up for James to see. Wolf knew that James hadn’t seen the baby and wanted to make sure he met his son.

Wolf knew that James had been concerned about meeting his son. Almost everyone in the courtroom was in tears when Wolf told James he could see his son. It was an act of humanity instead of one that involved the justice system.

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