Joseph Gordon-Levitt In Janet Jackson Drag Outfit For Flawless “Rhythm Nation” Lip Sync

The popular television show “Lip Sync Battle” has had several stars on, to try and sing the lyrics of songs while performing on TV. Some of them have are showstoppers, while others don’t seem to have what it takes. A recent performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt knocked the socks off the audience.

While on stage, he dressed in drag so that he could sing “Rhythm Nation” by Janet Jackson. He had the look perfect, down to the sequined hat and wavy long hair. There was a pause as audience members saw the shadow of Gordon-Levitt before he started lip syncing the opening lines of the song. There was a hint of red lipstick as well.

That’s when he started dancing, and he absolutely stole the show. Gordon-Levitt has done this type of singing before with Jimmy Kimmel, however, this was one of the times when he put his all out there for the audience.

At the end of the song, the audience was on it’s feet and singing along with the music as well. The performance was part of the Christmas special, and was highly entertaining. Check out the performance and let us know how you think he did!

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